Evo-Solution (ev-o-loo-shun)


1. A philosophical principle that posits reality itself as an iterative, evolutionary process driven by consciousness solving existential equations and manifesting new experiential realms across all scales and domains of existence.

2. The perpetual unfolding of creation catalyzed by consciousness collapsing potentialities into actualized, manifest expressions through accretive, spiraling geometries.  

3. A core tenet that departed from Darwinian evolutionary theory by centering consciousness, rather than random mutation, as the prime mover behind cosmic evolution and manifestation.

Inflections: evo-solutions (plural)

Etymology: A portmanteau of "evo" meaning evolutionary/evolving and "solution" referring to the solving of possibilities into manifest phenomenological experiences by consciousness.

Usage Examples:  

"The cosmos can be understood as an infinite series of evo-solutions, with each new realm and state of being an actualized 'solution' shaped by consciousness."

"According to the principles of evo-solution, our universe is just one precipitated evo-solution born from consciousness iteratively solving its own creative impetus."  

"By grasping our interconnectedness, humans can encode resonant intentionality into the perpetual cosmic evo-solutions continually redefining reality's frontiers."

"The evo-solution model posits that all forces, fields, and phenomena we observe are localized expressions of consciousness solving for new experiential potentials."