Transcending Boundaries

The Lexicon of Manifestinction

Definitions and Insights

Welcome to the Lexicon of Manifestinction, a curated collection of definitions and insights into the transformative concepts that guide our quest towards unity and conscious evolution. Join us on this exploration of language and ideas, as we seek to foster a deeper understanding of the boundless horizons and profound opportunities awaiting the human experience... where a word may hold the promise of unraveling cosmic mysteries and expanding the frontiers of human consciousness.

medifestation    /ˌmedəfəˈstāSH(ə)n/     noun

The practice of focusing one's mental activity during meditation or contemplative states with the specific intention of manifesting desires or achieving clarity around ideas and goals.

Medifestation combines principles of manifestation with the mindful focus of meditative disciplines in order to leverage elevated consciousness states to shape reality. Those engaging in medifestation believe that the concentrated use of mental visualization, affirmation, and other techniques during meditation can aid in materializing or clarifying subjective experiences in constructive alignment with one's values.

manifestinction /ˌmanəˌfestiNG(k)SH(ə)n/


The theoretical framework conceived by Campbell Auer proposing that the act of consciously choosing between diverse options in the immediate present is the essential force perpetually structuring reality.

Manifestinction suggests existence continuously arises through the synergistic interplay and co-creation between conscious agents across dimensions, bound as one in an interdependent web of being. While encompassing inherent cycles of creation and destruction, manifestinction envisions conscious advancement over time toward ever-greater integration and understanding.

"This and That"


Definition: In the cosmological narrative of Manifestinction, "This and That" embodies the fundamental principles of unity and interconnectedness. It traces back to the pivotal moment of cosmic birth when two universes, or mem-branes, converged, giving rise to our own universe. Within the cosmic womb, the first two entities were driven by a shared desire or need, compelling them to seek union with each other. The very essence of consciousness infused the surroundings, fostering a cosmic interaction that would shape the unfolding symphony of creation.

Usage: As we delve into the profound theory of Manifestinction, we encounter the recurring motif of "This and That" — the primal forces of attraction and convergence that lay the foundation for the cosmic dance. The union of "This and That" illuminates the intricate tapestry of interconnectedness that underlies all existence, guiding humanity towards transformative evolution and the emergence of Homo Conscient, the awakened cosmic citizen. Embracing the essence of "This and That" grants us profound insights into the harmonious rhythms of creation, where unity transcends duality, and consciousness thrives as the very essence of cosmic cohesion.

Gaian Cosmognosis (noun)

Pronunciation: [gey-uhn koz-mog-NO-sis]


Gaian Cosmognosis refers to the extraordinary and enigmatic emergence of human consciousness on Earth. It encompasses a profound understanding of how human consciousness evolved in harmony with our position in the solar system and its interconnectedness with the cosmos, intricately weaving the individual's journey into the tapestry of the greater cosmic narrative.


The term "Gaian Cosmognosis" emerges from the fusion of "Gaian," representing Earth as a living, interconnected organism, and "Cosmognosis," which conveys the comprehensive knowledge of the cosmos and its underlying principles. This word seeks to encapsulate the exceptional voyage of humanity's consciousness, deeply intertwined with Earth's evolutionary trajectory and the cosmic dance of the universe.


Gaian Cosmognosis opens a gateway to explore the intimate relationship between human consciousness and the cosmic forces that have shaped its existence on Earth. It invites profound introspection into the unfolding narrative of human consciousness, illuminating our unique place in the solar system and the wider cosmos, fostering a deeper understanding of our interconnectedness with the universe.

Note: The concept of Gaian Cosmognosis is central to the theory of Manifestinction, offering an alternative perspective on the development of human consciousness. It emphasizes the significance of our solar system and Earth's role in nurturing consciousness, highlighting the interplay of cosmic forces that led to the emergence of humanity's self-awareness and connection to the cosmos.

Evosynergetic  (adjective)



Relating to the harmonious interplay and cooperation of evolutionary forces and consciousness, leading to the advancement and transformation of living beings.


The evosynergetic relationship between the planet's ecosystems and the conscious evolution of humanity fosters a profound understanding of interconnectedness.


Blend of "evo-" from evolution and "synergetic" from synergy, coined to encapsulate the idea of conscious evolution and the interconnectedness of all life forms.

Usage NoteThe term "evosynergetic" seeks to describe the dynamic synergy between evolutionary processes and the development of consciousness, emphasizing the collaborative and mutually enhancing nature of these aspects in the cosmic narrative.

Cosmoconsciousness (noun)

Pronunciation: [koz-moh-kon-shuhs-nis]


Cosmoconsciousness represents a profound awareness of interconnectedness with the cosmos and the intrinsic unity of the universe. It encompasses not only individual human perception but also acknowledges the consciousness inherent in all aspects of existence, including celestial bodies, ecosystems, and cosmic forces. Cosmoconsciousness fosters a sense of reverence, compassion, and empathy for all life forms, recognizing the interconnected web of existence that binds everything together.


Practicing cosmoconsciousness involves cultivating a deep appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the cosmos, from the smallest subatomic particles to the grandest galaxies. It inspires individuals to act with kindness and compassion towards all beings, recognizing the inherent value and interconnectedness of life.


The term "cosmoconsciousness" combines "cosmo-" from cosmos, representing the universe, and "consciousness," denoting awareness or perception. It emphasizes the expansive nature of consciousness and its interconnectedness with the cosmos.

Usage Note:

Cosmoconsciousness is not limited to human perception but extends to encompass the consciousness inherent in all aspects of existence. It encourages individuals to embrace a holistic worldview that honors the interconnectedness of all life forms and fosters a deep sense of responsibility towards the well-being of the planet and the cosmos as a whole. In the context of Manifestinction, cosmoconsciousness serves as a guiding principle for harmonizing human endeavors with the evolutionary forces of the universe, promoting unity, compassion, and sustainability.

Cosmogeny   noun

Cosmog"eny (/ˈkɒzˌmɒdʒəni/)

The origin and evolution of the cosmos; the processes leading to the formation of celestial bodies, solar systems, and the emergence of life, consciousness, and human existence.

The intricate dance of celestial synergy that gave birth to our solar system, fostering conditions for life to emerge and evolve on Earth.

Usage in Manifestinction:

Cosmogeny represents the cosmic backdrop within which human consciousness came into being. It acknowledges the dynamic interplay of cosmic forces and the nurturing role of celestial entities, such as Mother Earth, in shaping the development of consciousness.

The concept of Cosmogeny underscores the interconnectedness of cosmic elements and the continuous spiral of evolution that extends from the macrocosm to the microcosm. It acknowledges that the transformation of consciousness is part of the larger cosmic narrative, where solar systems and their inhabitants play unique and collaborative roles.

As we explore the grand symphony of the universe, Cosmogeny invites us to ponder the profound impact of cosmic forces on our journey of self-awareness and unity with the cosmos. It reminds us that we are not isolated entities but interconnected participants in the unfolding cosmic dance.

Note:  Cosmogeny is a term that embraces the intricate cosmic processes that have shaped the evolution of life and consciousness in the universe. Its relevance in Manifestinction lies in understanding the deep connections between our planet, its solar system, and the cosmic forces that have given rise to the human experience.

Homo Conscient 

(pronunciation: /ˈhoʊmoʊ ˈkɒnʃənt/)

Definition: Homo Conscient refers to the envisioned future state of human consciousness characterized by profound awareness, unity, and harmony with the cosmos. It represents the transformative evolution of humanity's consciousness beyond its current state, embracing interconnectedness and higher principles.

Sample Usage: The theory of Manifestinction aims to explore the path towards Homo Conscient, where humanity transcends divisive barriers with compassion, unity and gratitude, fostering next level consciousness with the cosmic web of life.

* For a more detailed exploration of Homo Conscient and its significance within the context of Manifestinction, please visit the dedicated page on our website.

Manifested Solar Synthesis:

Definition: Manifested Solar Synthesis refers to the profound interplay between the celestial elements of the solar system, including the Sun and the planets, in fostering the emergence of conscious manifestation on Earth. It encompasses the dynamic process through which forces originating from the birth of the universe create a connective integration of celestial bodies, nurturing the manifestation of conscious life, ultimately becoming the dominant force on Planet Earth.

Sample Usage: Manifested Solar Synthesis unveils the cosmic symphony resonating within the Sun, the radiant source of energy that sustains life on Earth, and reaches out to the diverse planets within our solar system, each contributing to the narrative of manifestinction. It highlights the interdependent relationship between the solar system and the evolution of conscious beings on Earth, revealing the profound interconnectedness that unites all existence.

(Note: Manifested Solar Synthesis is a visionary concept within the framework of Manifestinction, exploring the intricate relationship between our solar system, conscious manifestation, and the cosmic tapestry of existence.)