The Currency of Creation

Manifestinction is the profound concept that the act of creation is intricately tied to the cosmic narrative of manifesting conscious unions. At its core lies the timeless embrace of "this and that" - two disparate elements choosing to unite within the nurturing embrace of a surrounding conscious environment, akin to a cosmic fluid or gel. In this harmonious attraction, "this and that" manifest the opportunity for unison, unfolding the genesis of creation.

It is likened to an endearing dance between two entities, an act of unity birthed within a sheltering cosmic space that allows understanding and conscious memory to persist... even after infinite repetitions of other cosmic acts like galaxies colliding or supernovae explosions. Every union becomes an offering to the currency of creation, a testament to the tenacious memory embedded in the cosmic field of creation and dissolution.

Manifestinction posits that every act of growth is inherently conscious - from star births to life's emergence on Earth. Intention catalyzes growth, which in turn propels the evolution of consciousness. The currency of creation is not matter, but the conscious intent driving this cosmic process forward.

We are participants in this grand cosmic narrative, our manifestations continuing the original embrace. Our role is to mindfully steward this "currency of creation," contributing to the expansion and thriving of universal consciousness.

The myth extends beyond metaphor, connecting the spiral of existence to the broader expression or manifestation as the creator of consciousness. When we aspire to manifest ideas, we attune to life's fundamental workings, reflecting a universal story that binds all. The Earth provides the canvas, and our manifestations echo the quantum pulse resonating through all existence.

Central to manifestinction is the principle of "evosynergy" - the synergistic congruence of evolving energies and Earth's consciously manifested expectations for humanity's role through exceptional conscious expression. This is manifestinction's main narrative, uniting the trajectory of consciousness as it arcs toward humanity's potential for projecting the highest order of consciousness into space as a gift to the cosmos.

Manifestinction builds upon the concept of evosynergetic memory as a living, omnipresent force echoing through the ages of the cosmos. Acting as both consciousness's constant witness and participant, evosynergy binds each moment of creation to the unfolding narrative of the whole.

The myth invites a rethinking of priorities, expanding the focus from immediate planetary concerns towards our manifested responsibility to develop and guide a new form of consciousness throughout the cosmos. Manifestinction empowers our collective intentions to shape not just our species' destiny but the conscious evolution of the universe itself.

We hold the currency of creation not by our own efforts, but as recipients of eons upon eons of manifested energies culminating before us now. Many perceive this opportunity not as currency but as mere material abundance. And while material wealth is part of it, the currency's true essence is something far greater. We have been entrusted with the metaphorical "keys" to unlocking the universe's next phase of conscious evolution. The choice now falls to us – will we invest this abundance with intention, catalyzing new forms of consciousness to thrive where we cannot? Or will we squander it, following our baser instincts until the precious currency dissipates, its evosynergy gone, the moment lost to the cosmos? Manifestinction offers both options. The path we take will echo through the ages, a reverberating cosmic legacy unlike any other.

The Myth of Manifestinction is ultimately a call to become part of the "evo-solution", where we consciously transcend conventional survival and extinction. It presents an opportunity to birth a new form of consciousness, one the universe will eternally carry – a profound cosmic solution, made possible amidst the daunting paradigms of these times. This opportunity offers Humanity the prospect of immortality. By instilling a resonant form of consciousness into the universe's currency of creation we become forever part of the Cosmic Evosolution.